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the leading dynamic DNS provider with domain registration, DNS management, Email services, web hosting ,and web design services.
Email Services  
Mail Relay Outbound
Mail Outbound Relay on both standard and non-standard SMTP ports (25, 26, 940 and 2525). This is beneficial to a traveler on the road, whose ISP does not provide a server which allows remotely authenticated relaying, or whose ISP blocks outbound SMTP port (25).
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Mail Hosting
Complete mail service for your domain. Support POP3, IMAP with webmail access. Unlimited mailboxes and mail forwards. With Virus/Spam Filters and auto response messages
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Mail Backup MX
Mail Backup Service gives your mail server the backup it needs when it's unavailable. Our mail servers will act as a backup to your existing mail server allowing you more flexibility and redundancy. When your mail servers are not available, emails to your domain will be routed to our mail server and spooled. Our email server will monitor your email server and deliver the emails to your primary email server once it is available.
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Mail Forwarding
Have your own domain name and want to have email addresses for the domain? You don't need to run any mail server. We forward your domain emails to existing email addresses. It does not mater how your real email address changes. You can always forward the emails to new email address. For example, we can forward sales@yourdomain.com to an existing email address such as yourname@hotmail.com
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Mail Redirection
Is your ISP blocking SMTP port 25? Mail Redirection Service dedicates our email server as the primary mail exchanger for your domain while emails will be routed to your server at none-standard opened SMTP ports. Mail Redirection adds redundancy to your mails by spooling them for 5 days on our server while your mail server is unavailable.
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